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We want to share the best we've seen and experienced – as well as new, emerging ideas – with professionals in the industry and promote conversation with the best of the best! Our blog topics will promote conversations around the following and more:

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  • Work with a bride and her wedding planner to create a dream wedding
  • Throw the blast of the year
  • Choose entertainment for your event
  • Customize events for maximum enjoyment
  • The core entertainment attributes
  • Why we created a non-stop show performance
  • The agency view and the entertainer's perspectives
  • The party host's perspective

Feel free to engage and add your own voice to the conversation. We hope to inspire the entertainment and music industries to continue to raise the bar to help create the perfect PARTY for years to come!

– Dennis Smith



Posted by Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
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on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Simply Irresistible

I recently heard a wonderful interview with the actor, Daniel Radcliffe. He played the role of Harry Potter, and has since gone on to star on Broadway, as well as in other feature films. Daniel had no formal training as an actor when he was a child playing the role of Harry Potter. When he was asked how he learned his craft, his response was, “I had many great actors on the set of Harry Potter. I had the opportunity to watch and learn from the best. The best lesson I learned early was the importance of coming to the movie set with the right mindset. If an actor arrives on the set in a bad mood, it affects everyone in a negative way. There are actors who are a joy to be on the set with; they lift everyone up with their energy. I realized very early I wanted to be the actor who comes to the set with a good attitude.”

When I was studying acting, my teacher told us, “When you’re on stage, you can give energy to the scene or you can steal energy from the scene.  There is no in-between.”

It’s the same for a musical group, sports or business team. We have a choice. We can show up ready to be of service to the team, or we can have the attitude of what can the team do for me. I’ve seen the magic happen when a group has the “we” mentality instead of the “me” mentality. I believe the best creations are created by groups who come together for a unified purpose.

What Daniel said during his interview reminded me that I may not change the world, but I can choose to come to the set of life with a positive, serving mindset.

You have that same choice. What’s it gonna be?


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