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Simply Irresistible


Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

I can't even begin to put it into words how amazing Simply Irresistible was last weekend. People cannot stop talking about it. Everyone wanted to know who they were so expect to get a lot of phone calls in the upcoming years when people start getting engaged! They literally made the night so special. They were also so sweet to me and super personal.

Virginia, Bride

All I can say is WOW!! Simply Irresistible played at my daughter's wedding in April and I have been to five weddings since then and everyone is still talking about how our band was the best they have EVER heard! The dance floor was packed from the first note until the last when we were "literally" shut down at 2 am. Nobody wanted to leave!! The dance floor was so crowded, the videographer said it was the very tightest dance floor she had ever tried to video. The band's high energy matched my daughter's personality exactly and made the wedding PERFECT! I wish we had another wedding to plan so we could hire this band again....we are thinking maybe for an anniversary party! Thank you, thank you for the fabulous job you guys did and for being so great with the guests! You are simply AMAZING, simply IRRESISTIBLE, and simply THE BEST!!

Cindy Ketchum, Mother of the Bride

The BEST BAND EVER! They were so entertaining. The crowd loved them.They kept the crowd entertained right up to the very end. I have NEVER enjoyed a band more. Boy did they get a workout! Where in the world do they get all the energy? I was tired watching them. The dance floor stayed full!!! I had so many comments on the quality of their work. Amazing!!!!

Vickie Buckman

"Simply Irresistible played at our wedding in Nashville, and we absolutely LOVED them! I want to thank the band for working with me in the months leading up to the wedding and being so helpful.  I can't tell you how many people said how much they loved the band. They were SO energetic, SO fun, and they did a fabulous job of keeping the party going and getting everyone dancing and having a really fun time!" 


"My wife and I attended two deb parties at River Oaks and Houston CC. Simply Irresistible was drop-dead fantastic.

The song list, energy and showmanship were unrivaled. Non-stop blast – pure vocals and hard hitting instrumentals. I do not have a daughter for debutante or wedding party, but quickly trying to come up with a reason to hire the band for an event in the future."

Randall H.

"I wanted to send a note to inform you both of the AMAZING experience that it was to work with the Simply Irresistible band on the Dulaney-Escobedo Wedding on April 13, 2013. Not only was the band absolutely wonderful in their sound and upbeat performance that kept the guests on the dance floor the ENTIRE evening, but they were also one of the most pleasant bands that I have worked with in my entire time with Sea Island. Herman was extremely professional and poised, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again. 

I wanted to be certain that your company and team is aware of the true gem that you have with this band. Please continue to recommend them to our brides, and we look forward working with them again in the future."

Maren White
Wedding Manager
Sea Island Resorts - The Cloister & The Lodge

"They were so incredible. I seriously could not imagine a better band. The band was very friendly and we could tell that they really love to entertain. They played to the crowd and definitely got everyone up and moving. We've been to 2 weddings since ours. One was a very fancy Manhattan wedding and several people came up to us and said they liked our band more. In fact, the night of the wedding, we were at the after after party with 20 people or so and someone said out loud to the group that this was the best band they've ever seen. It's a huge compliment considering the person saying this had been to everyone else's wedding in the room. Thank you so much for helping Greg and I have the best night of our lives!"


"The band was amazing at Elizabeth's and my wedding on Saturday, April 14th. One of the best entertainment performances I have seen at any social gathering! Thanks so much for your amazing recommendation! Dallas people who attended are still talking about how amazing and fun they were. We all truly enjoyed ourselves and the band truly made it the best night of Elizabeth's and my lives (they even allowed Elizabeth to spend most of the night on stage with them!)."


"They totally blew us away.  They were the best band I could have ever asked for. I loved all of their choreography.  They put on a show with each song.  Every single one of them are so talented.  I couldn’t be more pleased... they couldn't have been any better.

Thank you so much for suggesting Party On the Moon’s sister band, Simply Irresistible.  I want to have another party just to have them again!"

Margo Harrod
Tampa, FL

"The Simply Irresistible Band lives up to their name and then some - they are absolutely phenomenal. At a recent wedding, they had literally every single guest on the dance floor from the first song until the last. The band's energy is contagious and engaging, and every person in the building from guests to catering staff felt as though they were at a private concert. I will continue to highly recommend SI to both my clients and my friends.

Alison Wenstrup
Aviva Events

"I wanted to send you a small note just to tell you how absolutely AMAZING you all were and that people are STILL talking about the wonderful band that played at our wedding!"

Whitney & Andy Sturge
Charlotte, NC

"YOU guys rocked this awesome party. Thanks so much and WHO DAT!!!!!"

Scott Colomb
Endymion Coronation Ball
New Orleans, LA

"Watched Simply Irresistible on TV on First Night Charlotte, (New Years Eve), and they are truly entertainers. And not only good but they enjoy what they do."

John Love
Charlotte, NC

"They were awesome!"

Hedge Fund Client
Greenwich, CT

“ Every single person at my wedding asked me who the band was! ”

Kristina Dell

"Your recommendation for Simply Irrestsistable was the best. They rocked the house down for 4 straight hours and we all had a ball. We have good friends that found a spot on the dance floor after the bride/groom dance and they swear they never left it! Thank you for keeping our booties waggin' and our dance shoes movin'!!!!!!"

Deidra Smith

"Thanks Ellie!!! The band in one word was AMAZING! Everyone I talked to said it was the best band they had ever seen and had the best time!"

Lily Hahn

"This will be, make that, THIS IS a powerhouse band!!! Great looking girls and guys on the front line that can all sing and dance. Chris ( lead vocalist ) has a Justin Timberlake kind of thing happening and the front line of girls ... talented! The entire band are top of the line musicians. For those of you with client’s with the right budget, make them book Simply Irresistible."

Rick Stowe
Entertainment Consultant

"Simply Irresistible and Party on the Moon performed together at our event in October. The girls were amazing and the entire group wowed the guests. I think we could have left off the food and drinks and our guests would have still been intoxicated off these two (2) outstanding bands alone!"

Barry West , AIFD
Blossoms Events

"While our expectations were high, this talented group exceeded them. They were the consumate professionals both on and off the stage and will be the point of rememberance for this occasion. If a Bride and Groom are wanting to make an unforgettable wedding memory, this is the group to have."

Mark Griffin
Father of the Bride

trio"...the band was awesome !!  Please give them our heartfelt thanks again.  They put on a show that people are talking about all over town !  My daughter loved them and the whole wedding party had a great time.  Thanks again and feel free to use us as a reference if you ever need one."

Ernie Reigel
Reigel/Ponton Wedding reception
Charlotte, NC

"They were amazing, very fun and interactive!! They were very easy going and great to work with!"

Jenny Cawthon
Catering Manager-Houston Country Club
Houston, TX

"It's been almost 2 months since the wedding of Alicia & Scott and people still call me to ask 'who was that band?' It was a party to remember and I thank you all for making it a great night!!!"

Bill Kay
Father of the Bride
South Beach, FL

"Simply Irresistible was out of this world at the Heart Ball Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Trump and Andre Leon Tally loved them. Ronnie and his team truly made the evening very special. I will happily recommend them to any of my colleagues around the country."

Stacey A. Dowdle
American Heart Association
Palm Beach, FL

"Great Band – great show!!! Let’s keep them in mind for next year!"
- Dawn S. Glynn

"We L-O-V-E-D them! I can’t get enough compliments on the band. We would just love to have them back."

- Ashley Gentry
Chesapeake Health Foundation Gala
Chesapeake, VA

"Simply Irresistible was a smash hit!"

Ed Muniz
Krewe of Endymion
New Orleans, LA

"“It was great – they did an awesome job – We would definitely use them again – and I would highly recommend them. Great personalities “ "

Heather Clark
New Breed Corporation

"The band was fabulous. And so personable!!! They sang a special song that we had asked them to sing for the honoree’s birthday- and it was just perfect and not part of their usual repertoire. Thanks so much for arranging to have Simply Irresistible play for this party. They are awesome!!!!!!"

Ann Fisher


"We cannot say enough fantastic things about the band. Not only was every member of the band a pleasure to work with, they were absolutely spectacular. I really think they were one of the best groups we've had and the client loved them as well. "

Jackie Spirer
CREE, Inc.

"WOW is all I have to say... what a KILLER band this is, and the nicest people too... There is no band even close to them around N.C. or S.C. that I know of...Atlanta truly is a capitol of talent these days and Dennis (manager) is a wonderful judge of this as well and knows how to develop talent perfectly."

Tony Pace

"When I look for national act quality entertainment for my casino's, I look no further than Simply Irresistible, Party On the Moon, Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters and Right On. Winners every time"

Eddie Sandas
Entertainment America

"National act quality without the national act price, ego or rider."

Marvelless Mark
Business Rock Star,CPP

"In all my years at Cree, our team cannot remember ever having so much fun. With the three beautiful, need-to-be-recording SUPERSTAR ladies plus those rockin' guys, the band was as good as any national act I have seen. THEY ARE JUST AWESOME! Enjoyed Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alice Stone-McClary
CREE, Inc.

"WOW....what a band! Compliments from all around. High energy, familiar songs - had guests on the floor until the very last song at 1am! Thanks!!!"

Brandon Martin
Pearl River Resort

"…I heard the best two bands I have ever heard in my life in Tampa on the same night! Party on the Moon was playing at a wedding and their sister band ( Simply Irresistible ) hit the stage half way through the night. They were so much like Party On the Moon, I do not think anyone even knew they hit the stage. Unbelievable talent, beautiful choreography, costuming and the perfect song selection for our crowd. I had the best time I have ever had with my two new favorite bands in the world…Party On the Moon and Simply Irresistible!!"

Christine Hashim
Tampa, Fl.

"A rare combination of awesome talent, nice people, beautiful costuming and perfect song selection."

Sharon Riley
RSVP Events